Tuesday, February 23, 2010

last night i fell down and hit my head. today i slept all day. this weekend was very strange. i went to a party and fell for this beautiful young girl, pre-med at fordham. i am trying to wait until wednesday to write to her. she plays the basoon and she's reading the same novel as me which is house of leaves House of Leaves). i never met a girl who was reading or had read that.then saturday morning i got up andhopped on the train to manhattan and then the amtrak to rhinebeck. there i saw my nana and she taught me to make kefir http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kefir. she's starting to lose her memory so it was really cool that she was able to teach me and my sister something she knew and we didn't. she's been making kefir from the same started strain for thirty years! and now my sister and i are both making it. i am experimenting with different milks. my nana uses 2%. so far i've tried 1% regular milk,1% organic, and 2% regular. the organic was the best flavor so far. after visiting with nana (we took her out for pizza and sh said she hadn't had pizza in eight years and it was such a hoot!) i tried to get a train home to nyc but it was sold out. so my sister convinced me to stay with her and she would drive me to albany and ic ould see my dad before heading back to the city monday morning. so we went to see my mama's grave, and pop-pop too. we put little stones on the graves and cried and prayed together. i love my sister very much. then we went back to rhinebeck (my mom is buried in redhook) and we went to an awesome restaurant there called http://www.terrapinrestaurant.com which was so beautiful and lovely and the food was delicious! i had organic free range chicken breast with pesto mozzerella tomato on a ciabbata bread.then we went to albany and i went to my dada's house. i had a good night talking with my dad about god and death and life and getitng married and having babies and other stuff ... then i went to sleep. i love my dad very much. he has always been there for me, when i really needed him, at least since my adolescence into adulthood.\

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