Monday, November 23, 2009

oh my darlings oh my darlings

LOOOOONG weekend!!!!
i been in writing conference, proofreading class , studying or partying all weekend.  i am tired.  today has been low key. just a workout so far.  now i'm drinking some coconut water.  oh my darlings.  i'm going to take a shower, eat a tune sandwich, pay my bills, put away my clean wash then go to the movies with Ewaen I think.

the proofreading class was awesome.   It's run by beatrice moritz and only two sessions and i swear i learned and retained more then the 3 mos of training i did at the NYS Legislature's Bill Drafting Commission.  i bet you guys don't believe i am a good proofreader, but i am.  just because i choose an informal representation in online text doesn't mean i am incapable.  i remember when cere first read a short essay i wrote and was amazed because msot of my online posts are of a more childish construction.  but i just enjoy the brevity and ease of writing like i so.

i am going to take my test for metroproof and another agency during the week after thanksgiving.  i am very eager to go home for the break!

i'm going to share some pictures with you now my lovelies.  these aare mixed from walking around the city and babysitting :)

this is maxim.  he is very cute.  i have none him since he was a week old.

OK cats and kittens, I won't bother you much longer.  I promise I will updating more often :)

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