Sunday, June 20, 2010

you like-a dah bronx, ehhhhhh?

holy moly i love where i live.  can you believe these pics?  scenic shit man!

here's my "friend" he is "happy"

zombie happy pirate!

brian and i are watching italy vs new zealand on UNIVISION!  I like saying UNIVISION!  i am not really watching, i am making a blog and drinking coffee but it is not that good because we don't have any splenda, or truvia, or sugar, or agave syrup OR any type of yummy creamers.  so i have the pink packet stuff uck yum cancery.

this is the bronx guys!!  pelham bay park.

I'm A MOTHERFLUCKIN BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (he swears because he lives near Co-Op City which is a project.  so cusses help him to express his feeling about his environs.)

I think brian is page jacking my facebook right now.  so if i say to you something horrible right now then it WASN'T ME.

and here's the beach.  i was gonna go to the beach later with ewaen
but i think it is going to be a thunderstorm so probably will go to the store to buy a present for Niyi as he is getting married.

here is my beach it is BEAUTIFUL is it not?

it's about 15 minutes away on the bx12 bus :)  most loverly.
ok what else?
me at the shore and ditty in a box.
better'n that stupid justin timberlake with d*ck in a box. ditty wins!

ok maybe more later  I have to go do editing :)

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