Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have sand in my bed.

trying to edit, as per usual.  drinking iced coffee... found a packet of splenda in my sister's old purse.  already nervous about tomorrow morning's coffee and the only sweetener we have in stock at the batcave is nasty pink packet sugar substitute and i hate it.  tomorrow morning might just have to a dunkin donuts day.

i gave the pink ponies my first chapter and now i have even more edits to input on top of the conglomerated edits for pages 60-100.  and of course i have yet to conglomerate and then input the edits for the remaining 130 pages.  so... yeah.  uphill battle.  especially because the internet is more fun than inputting edits.  oh well.  the internets never made anyone independently wealthy.... oh wait yep they did.  but not me.  so i need to finish this damn novel already!  but if i do that then i have to begin the super-duper-scary rejection-fest that is shopping for an agent.  so... foot dragging and procrastination.

I spent the afternoon at the beach.  fan-freaking-tastic!  i love orchard beach.  i was the only white girl there, as per usual.  we braved the rain showers and we won because the last two hours were picture perfect beach day hours.  lots of swimming and sunning and fun.  i met a little girl (because i always do, because i am a child-magnet, a baby-whisperer, whatever) and we were playing in the ocean swimming around and stuff and she asked me how old i was and i did what i always do and asked her how old was she?  and she said 8.  and so i asked her how old did she guess i was and she said 13 and it made me laugh.  good times.
*note: i am 27.

I wanted to post pics from the garden so i'm gonna do that now ok?  (you can't actually stop me so just say ok, ok?)

my tomato plant has tomatoes on it!  go team green thumb.

woah brian just gave me half a burrito and it is like nuclear fire ball hot. why is everything so flipping spicy!!! my mouth hurts.

anyway that's my garden. basil and tomato and oregano and strawberry.

i don't have much room so i only grow foods.  decorative plants can be nice i guess but i've never bothered with them, excepting one jade plant that had immense sentimental value.  speaking of which, it had been living at my mom's for about three years, i should get a cutting.

i'm going upstate on the 27th so if you live around there i'll see you then :)

extraneous pictures i've been meaning to post:

one of my young charges is getting fitted for braces:
 her sister saw this photo, which their mom sent to us on my cell phone, and decided to shoot a mocking recreation of this pic back to her sister.  I wish i had saved it.  tres amusing.  Chloe is only five but she knows almost all the steps in creating and texting a  picture message. 

i like ice cream:

i like going to the pool with the children:

and trying on stuff at the mexican jewelry store:

ok my lovely lovelies.  my mouth still hurts and i drank all my iced coffee.  that's as good a reason as any to get back to work.

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  1. I go to coffee shops and have a coffee and steal splenda sachets. It werks.