Tuesday, July 26, 2011

today was

very good.  i went to shake shack with dann and then i babysat at the american museum of natural history (which i love and visit lots lots lots) and then i met up with a friend for dinner and then we went to housing works and i bought the autobiography of assata shakur.  oh and i watched the last unicorn on the train on my ipod.


I never saw it before I really enjoyed it.  I've never watched anything on my ipod before, I just keep a couple of cartoons on there because sometimes when i'm babysitting and there is a long train ride I will let a kid watch something on it.  usually school house rock and dr. seuss but my roomate had put the last unicorn on there so i watched it.


i usually read on the train it is great it makes it like you are not even on the train at all but floating along with the author you are reading.  i'm halfway through the assata book.  did you know i read obscenely fast?  not bragging.... ok i'm bragging a little.  because it is pretty awesome.  and it is a big part of why i get good grades and know so many facts.  this is a big blessing in my life so i am counting it and appreciating it today!



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