Monday, May 16, 2011


almost have rent money for this month that's good now just need utilities. dang. um. hmm.. yep. I HATE GROUP WORK. ended up doing everything for everyone as per usual. Wrote the whole eight page paper and we will still get a sh*tty grade b/c they didn't send me their research in time for it to be included in the paper.. i told them tack it on yourselves or slip it in somewhere because i am f***g done with the thing it is an A- paper as is and they can try to get their work in and we'll see, but I told them I only had up until tonight scheduled to write the thing. oh and i told them if they wanted me to write the paper then they needed to do the lesson plan and the powerpoint, then i get an email from the girl like when are you going to be sending me your content for the powerpoint!? so i wrote that too. i don't wanna stand up in front of the whole class and look like an idiot trying to elucidate something she slapped together.

my scariest final is on Wednesday, and right now i need to resume studying for it, and the groupwork can just SUCK eggs because I've put in hours and hours already and I'm done.

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