Friday, April 22, 2011

cool feature of kmy kin2 phone: it has a radio! and it tells u the name of the station and the name of the song that is playing. now i dontlisten to the radio very often in these ipod days but i used to listen to the radio aolmost incessently when i was younger. i loved hearing new music but i would get so frustrated b.c. it seemed i never caught the song identification. this avoids the problem. im listening to the radio because i left my big ipod at the ale house (doh!) but its not lost nikoli picked it up for me. im bored i read my textbook for an hour i finished it. gonna read another one in the next to days. unfortunately that one is even more boring looking than this one because it has tons of data instead of data analysis. i have to pee. i hate thebus bathroom. i hope i h

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