Sunday, February 20, 2011


howsy. i been sick. sinus infeckshun. lame. but i think i cured it,cross fingers, with mass amts garlic and vitamin c and onion and spices and steam and my trust ole neti pot. no antibiotics and that's good. had to miss two awesome social events last night. but i am proud o myself. last year's me would have said fuck it and gone out anyway and been set back a week. this year's me was close to it, even got dolled up and ready to go but the pain was so bad i knew i was playing with fire and i stayed home. today was tough in the morning but better as the day went on. got gymming and cvs trip and three hours of homework in. 

here's a guy in a bucket:

I've gotten a lot of new music lately from so i wanna shout them out.  best place i've found to get LEGAL downloads that are high quality and easy to download.  highlights of my recent downloads include hits by Kanye West, Das Racist, Florence and the Machine, Asobi Seku, Anjulie, Hesta Prynn, Heiroglyphics, DJ Premier, Doc Ish and a buttload of others.  I got a happy happy ipod.

this supersoaker just came out and the 2011 toy fair and it has a motorized pump and i  think that's lame.  dang, kids are so lazy these days.

this is an analog tetris game that combines tetris and connect four and it looks dope!  buy me one please.

hmm what else.  wants to give you guys a heads up on the navy's new death ray thingie.  if you watched real genius in the 80's, well it's like that, except instead of filling a douchebag's house with popcorn this one's gonna melt cities and satellites and sech.  yeaaaah.

zausted now and trying to listen to my body maybe take a nap? 

ps.  need help to pick new hairstyle. either going super short like emma watson had anddying my hair brown, or keeping the l;ength and bleaching it out white-like. lemme know what you think

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